Paintings that are most popular

The most versatile type of painting is flower still life. It is they who are most in demand in galleries and online stores. Let’s look at which still lifes are most popular among buyers.


It is difficult to say what exactly these flowers attract buyers. Perhaps the tender and lush buds are reminiscent of summer days. Peonies painted in oils look like an attempt to capture the moment, because these flowers wither pretty quickly and you have to wait for the next summer to admire them.


Paintings depicting the splendor of rose blooms are classics from the earliest times. They are often purchased specifically for decoration and decoration of interiors. Such paintings look good as a gift for a girl, mother or grandmother. Moreover, oil-painted roses will please the eye much longer than natural flowers.


It is difficult to name simpler and more prosaic flowers than ordinary field daisies. These buds with a yellow core can be found both in the countryside and in the urban environment. Many people like to collect these flowers and decorate their house with them in the summer. Unfortunately, they also wither quite quickly, strewn with petals on the table. However, if you buy a still life with a field bouquet, then these sunny colors will delight you for a long time.


Floral still lifes are quite versatile – they will look good in the living room, in the bedroom and in the kitchen. In addition, they are suitable for different types of interiors. Roses work well for classic interiors, while daisies work well for rustic homes. However, there are no rules here. If you like some painting with flowers, then you just buy it and decorate your house with it.

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