Author's interior paintings


The paintings are executed in an intuitive way, combining new images of lucid dreams and the beauty of nature in its various semitones.

Why paintings in the interior

Unlike prints or photographs, painting in the interior brings lively energy to the environment, increases the level of respectability of its owners.

The modern style of abstractionism in the interior and painting is always an emotion, memorable stories on canvases, these are original thoughts and many variations to convey the mood.

Canvas paintings in the style of abstraction appeal to the viewer with a message, it excites the imagination and makes you think and feel the inner state.

In abstract paintings, Lana Leto conveys a state of peace, calmness and zen, sometimes these are abstract consonances of explosive positive emotions, coupled with a warm state of joy. Lana’s abstract interior painting fills the house with positive and extremely satisfying energy, because when working on them, the artist uses not so much imagination as positively tuned energy waves. So she achieves a return from an abstract picture in the form of directed positive energy, which makes people who are next to such a picture feel relaxed, anxiety and stress go away, only silence, tenderness and energy of love remain.

Thanks to the symphony of shades and colors, the eyes never get tired of looking at paintings painted in the abstract style in the interior. Abstract paintings in the interior are amazing and mysterious, they are devoid of logical resolution in the mind and are perceived exclusively in the sensual variation of comprehension of the human world, and possibly the subconscious.

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