Author's paintings


These works are executed in a modern and mixed style.

Why realism?

When you look at abstraction, you feel it. When you look at realism, you feel that you are living.

The style of paintings for the interior called contemporary – translated from English means a modern style of painting. Contemporary paintings are not alike, they are diverse, sometimes concise and sometimes full of details and meaning. Modern interior paintings can include abstraction, a mixture of minimalist and medieval art styles, and almost always these paintings are ideal for interiors made in almost any style. 

Emphasizing the sensuality and passion of a modern person to the maximum, a contemporary painting in the interior will emphasize all the interests of the owner, since the choice can fall on any work that sinks into the soul. These are one of the most popular paintings at present and will be in demand for a long time to come, since their different representatives suit different people and interiors that are different from each other. Modern paintings in the interior enter into a dialogue with time, they are not by themselves and represent a whole era. Paintings in a modern contemporary style in the interior embody understandable forms, ease of interpretation of what is written, compatibility with interior items, this is comfort, simplicity, conciseness, understandable forms, bold and sometimes bright solutions, ease of layout. 

The works of Lana Leto are dominated by muted colors, realism mixed with abstract forms in the interior painting. There are a large number of beige, white, brown, cream tones. Sometimes these colors serve as a backdrop for more intense accents, which allows the interior to include the imagination and creative part of the thinking of everyone who sees it. At the same time, the viewer experiences a range of emotions: from comfort, harmony and integrity to rebellion, resurrected beyond concepts. Many reconsider after that many aspects of their lives. The active relief of Lana’s paintings for the interior in a modern style allows you to dilute the decorative plane of the walls and highlight the particular from the general. By virtue of their emphasis, interior paintings reveal all the necessary facets of the interior and embody the visual side of harmony.

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